Mother's Day Bliss Mini-Retreat

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Sunday 05/12/2024 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
$55.00 Mother's Day Bliss Mini-Retreat

Hip Hip Hooray, It’s Mother’s Day!

Join us this Mother’s Day, May 12th, from 2-3:30pm at SyteraYoga, for a blissful and restorative mini-retreat with Sytera! 

Treat yourself and your mom to this immersive, hip-focused practice which includes calming movement, stretching and of course the famous Nadi Balls for massage! The restorative nature of this mini-retreat will uplift you and your mama to feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. A fun and uplifting flow yoga sequence will soothe your tight, sore muscles and boost your mental and physical reserves, getting you ready to emerge with a sense of renewal to welcome the changing season. All levels welcome.

Enroll early for $55 early bird special if registered prior to May 1. Enroll after May 1 at $75.

Sytera Field

For more than 20 years, Sytera has helped thousands of students, from elite athletes to desk-job workers, realize the life-changing physical and mental benefits of healthy movement. As a biomechanics expert, Sytera trains massage therapists, yoga teachers, physical therapists, chiropractors, and personal trainers. Sytera developed the Nadi Ball Method® for stress reduction, pain relief, and increased mobility. The method integrates the use of massage balls into movement, stretching, and strengthening. In a feature on the Nadi Ball Method in January 2020, Northern Virginia Magazine explained, “The balls work into the fascia lines, creating openness and encouraging correct alignment, and students can feel how sensations are connected throughout the body.” Through her easy-to-access instruction of the complexities of movement, Sytera’s students begin to understand where they hold stress and tension. Because they can feel the difference in their own bodies immediately, her students often use the word “magic” when describing her Nadi Method to their families and friends. The key to sustainable wellbeing is to challenge your body to stretch toward your goals without overwhelming your system. You “bend but don’t break.” Sytera’s highly individualized training analyzes your movement and postural patterns in order to help you achieve unrestricted movement. The result is feeling clear and energized, feeling engaged in life instead of depleted by it. Sytera’s goal is to bring a creative and uplifting spirit to each session to help you meet your unique wellness goals and bring out the best of what is uniquely you. Sytera’s corporate clients include Mars Inc., the Discovery Channel, PartnerMD, Share Our Strength, and many others. She has partnerships with the National Spinal Health Foundation, United Wellness and Sports Rehab, and Inova Wellness.

Sytera in the Media:

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