Kristin Keller

Kristin has been practicing yoga for over 20 years and recently completed her yoga teacher training at SyteraYoga after being under the direct tutelage of Sytera Field. She has been with SyteraYoga since its inception and worked as the studio manager in McLean. Kristin is also certified by SyteraYoga in the Nadi Ball method.

As a former Division 1 lacrosse player, Kristin has always valued movement. Her personal evolution with yoga has informed her that the inner transformation reveals itself on the mat. When practicing with others, she feels we can all be more connected to humanity and the collective consciousness. Yoga allows us to experience everything, the universe and collective, as part of ourselves, and that is the ultimate liberation.

Her vinyasa style classes are approachable, an exploration of play and fun, and an open space to practice whatever one needs in the moment. Kristin believes in being a lifelong learner and that being in yoga together creates a beautiful, inclusive community.

Off the mat, Kristin loves being a mom to two precocious children, meditating daily, actively supporting social justice initiatives, and working as a speech-language pathologist and literacy specialist at The Lab School of Washington in DC and in her private practice, Chain Bridge Speech & Language, LLC.