WellConnected Program: Your Best Self in 2022

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$3,995.00 WellConnected Stellar
$6,995.00 WellConnected Supernova

Do you have the health and well-being that you truly want? Are you living up to your full potential? Do you feel energized and engaged in life, or depleted by it?

Over the last two years, we have all been faced with a stark reminder that we must prioritize our health and well-being, physically and mentally. Even though we know the key to health in body and mind is self-care, we have a hard time prioritizing it and are not sure where to start. 

What self-care practices will benefit you most? How do you develop the right self-care habits? Which wellness providers, such as massage therapists, chiropractors, and nutritionists, can you trust? Who will hold you accountable for your self-care goals? Let Sytera help you achieve your sustainable transformation over the next three or six months.

Her new WellConnected Program makes it easy and fun for you to build the right self-care habits and begin to feel like your best self. Sytera will serve as your "self-care guide," helping you reach the summit! The program includes concierge-level coaching, support, and referrals for three full months:

1. COACHING: Sytera will serve as your self-care coach, helping you set your goals and a plan to achieve them. Then, she will hold you accountable through one-on-one sessions and virtual check-ins, measuring your progress on a set of wellness standards.

2. SUPPORT: Sytera will provide you with private sessions of guided stretching, strengthening, and massage, drawing benefits from yoga, Thai Yoga Massage, and her own Nadi Ball Method. The sessions are completely tailored to your needs and schedule. For your steady progress in between private sessions, she will curate a video playlist and/or SyteraYoga class schedule for you. And she'll be on call whenever you need her via text, email, and phone.

3. REFERRALS: Sytera will refer you to other local wellness providers who she uses personally and trusts 100%, including physical therapists, massage therapists, chiropractors, nutritionists, and more, as needed to help you meet your wellness goals. She'll even help make the appointments and share your wellness information with providers (with your permission, of course).

Ready to get serious about self-care? Pick the program level that works best for you:

STELLAR: Concierge-level coaching, support, and referrals from Sytera, including private sessions $3,995 for three-month program.

SUPERNOVA: Concierge-level coaching, support, and referrals from Sytera, including private sessions. $6,995 for six-month program.

Slots are limited. Questions? Email Sytera at sytera@syterayoga.com to set up time to talk.

Sytera Field

For more than 20 years, Sytera has helped thousands of students, from elite athletes to desk-job workers, realize the life-changing physical and mental benefits of healthy movement. As a biomechnics expert, Sytera trains massage therapists, yoga teachers, physical therapists, chiropractors, and personal trainers. Sytera developed the Nadi Ball Method® for stress reduction, pain relief, and increased mobility. The method integrates the use of massage balls into movement, stretching, and strengthening. In a feature on the Nadi Ball Method in January 2020, Northern Virginia Magazine explained, “The balls work into the fascia lines, creating openness and encouraging correct alignment, and students can feel how sensations are connected throughout the body.” Through her easy-to-access instruction of the complexities of movement, Sytera’s students begin to understand where they hold stress and tension. Because they can feel the difference in their own bodies immediately, her students often use the word “magic” when describing her Nadi Method to their families and friends. The key to sustainable wellbeing is to challenge your body to stretch toward your goals without overwhelming your system. You “bend but don’t break.” Sytera’s highly individualized training analyzes your movement and postural patterns in order to help you achieve unrestricted movement. The result is feeling clear and energized, feeling engaged in life instead of depleted by it. Sytera’s goal is to bring a creative and uplifting spirit to each session to help you meet your unique wellness goals and bring out the best of what is uniquely you. Sytera’s corporate clients include Mars Inc., the Discovery Channel, PartnerMD, Share Our Strength, and many others. She has partnerships with the National Spinal Health Foundation, United Wellness and Sports Rehab, and Inova Wellness.

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