Antonia LeNguyen

Antonia is a free spirited yogi who’s work/life philosophy is one and the same; the human(ity) connection. Fun facts about Antonia:
  • Certified Bikram Hot Yoga 500Hrs Yoga, OHYA® Level 1, Level 2 Teacher 
  • Certified Fluid Vinyasa (RYS®) ERYT500®, YACEP® Teacher  
  • Certified Rocket Yoga Teacher 
    Synergy Yoga Teacher
  • Reiki Levels I & II Certified
  • Born in Vietnam to a family deeply rooted in Buddhism and meditation.
  • LOVES all Yoga, food fare, fitness...and talk radio.
  • Proud Mom to three beautiful, smart, and crazy kids.
  • Life partner to one creative food-smith. Their food creation, Clarity, was born on April 7, 2015.
  • Closeted nerd who loves to read about Philosophy, Biology/Anatomy textbooks, and Sci-fi/Fantasy/War Strategies 
  • Ambidextrous so she loves both “Righties” and “Lefties.”